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Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

From design through installation, our services reflect an understanding of your facility’s special requirements. The ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY kitchen fire suppression team includes engineers trained to design the most appropriate and effective suppression system for your kitchen, whether it’s a hospital or university kitchen that serves thousands of meals a day or a small café kitchen.

These systems have been tested to UL300 standard and installed in accordance with NFPA code and comply with all local code standards. We also replace older dry chemical and other non-compliant systems, modify older systems to meet current standards, and install new systems.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are required to be inspected on a semi-annual basis as a minimum requirement of NFPA and local code.

Contact ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY today to learn more about our restaurant fire suppression systems and inspection services.

  • Fire Suppression System Inspections         
  • Customized Fire Suppression Systems
  • Parts & Accessories Sales & Installation         
  • On-Site Coordination & Installation
  • Non-compliant System Updates       
  • Required Plans, Permits & Approvals

We also install and service the following types of Fire Suppression Systems


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Certified Hood & Exhaust Cleaning

Every year there are approximately 6,000 building-damaging fires involving the kitchens of commercial cooking facilities. The vast majority started on the appliances and spread to the exhaust system. Many could have been prevented or greatly reduced in intensity and cost if the combustible grease in the exhaust system had been properly removed.

ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY is a Certified Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company located in The Cayman Islands. We are PAC certified, a member of the National Fire Protection Association, and fully license and insured. All work is performed to N.F.P.A. 96 standards.

We use state of the art equipment and approved methods to remove the residue from the exhaust system. Methods such as power washing and using special chemicals formulated for this industry to remove the grease build up are a few of the techniques used. To many restaurant owners, the concept of exhaust cleaning is viewed as a janitorial process, like garbage pick-up or window washing. This is a misconception! Grease that accumulates in an exhaust system is fuel. The act of professionally “removing” this grease eliminates a serious fire hazard. Kitchen exhaust cleaning is not cosmetic; it is FIRE PREVENTION!


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Fire Extinguishers


Fire extinguishers in the Cayman Islands should be maintained at regular intervals (at least once a year) or when specifically indicated by an inspection.

Maintenance is a “thorough check” of the extinguisher. It is intended to give maximum assurance that an extinguisher will operate effectively and safely. It includes a thorough examination and any necessary repair, recharging or replacement.

  • Monthly Inspections. The NFPA and local code requires inspection of your extinguisher every month.
  • Annual Maintenance. An inspection of each of your extinguishers is often required by NFPA and the local AHJ. During this check an Island Inspect technician will manually inspect and tag the unit as well as provide documentation of the inspection.
  • Internal Maintenance and hydrostatic testing. Stored pressure ABC extinguishers are very common, and they often require internal maintenance every 6 years and hydrostatic testing every 12 years. Other types of extinguishers may vary in their internal examination and testing intervals.

We Keep Your Fire Extinguishers Up to Code and Fully Operational

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Kitchen Hood System Design & Mechanical

ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY– Your Trusted Commercial Kitchen Systems Installer – we have professionally trained technicians capable of performing all kinds of restaurant systems and equipment installations. We have provided solutions for commercial kitchen clients such as hotels, restaurants, schools, and shopping centers. With over 12 years working on food service ventilation equipment, we have the experience in this field and specializes in restaurant Fire Suppression design, Ventilation Hoods, Exhaust Ducts and Make-Up Air systems.

We use most of the major equipment manufacturers and are always happy to advise you on the specific brands we feel will be most suitable and the best value for your type of business.

We also maintain a high degree of excellence and provide repairs that are effective and thorough, so your equipment operates efficiently.

You can rely on us to understand the importance of the correct performance of your equipment for the success of your business.

Let ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY help you with your restaurant ventilation systems, fire protection design, installation, repairs and much more.

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Exit and Emergency Lighting

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Life Safety Code every emergency lighting fixture requires a monthly 30-second test and may also require an annual 90-minute test. Non-compliance could mean you may be exposing your business to fire safety and life safety issues In the event of an emergency.

Your emergency lights and exit signs are one of the most important links to a safe escape for building occupants, so it just makes good sense to have a regular, systematic inspection performed by a trained service professional. We have the expertise and training to assure that your emergency lighting units will work when you need them the most, when the lights go out.

Island Inspect understands that completing regularly scheduled testing and servicing of your fire protection systems is the most cost-effective way to maintain integrity of your system while also meeting requirements, mandated by national, and local code enforcement agencies and by most insurance providers.

We also offer:

  • New Light Sales
  • Battery Replacement
  • Bulb Replacement
  • New Fixture Installation
  • Battery Load Testing
  • Device aiming for stairwells and path of egress

For more information or to schedule a service, repair or inspection of your life safety systems, please contact the single source for all your needs.


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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems offer early detection, provide audio & visual notification and dispatch the fire department.
We install, service and inspect Honeywell and other fire alarm systems.

ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY is an authorized installer and service agent for Fire-Lite and Silent Knight fire alarm systems.  In addition to installing non-proprietary and highly COST-EFFECTIVE fire alarm systems, our certified staff can take your fire alarm installation from start to finish.

ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY stays up-to-date on code requirements and is familiar with what the authority having jurisdiction requires during the permitting process. ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY can lay out your new fire alarm system in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our trained and licensed technicians can handle all types of services ranging from consulting, troubleshooting and repairs to code required inspections


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