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Over 55 years experience in protecting property as professional firefighters

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Our Story

A Little About Us

The owners and management team at ISLAND INSPECT CLEANING SYSTEMS FIRE & SAFETY have over 55 years of combined experience protecting lives & property as professional firefighters.

We are now using our experience to assist you our customers stay operational, safe and secure.

We pride ourselves in delivering the best products equipment and customer service in the industry. Whether you need one portable extinguisher or a complete hood ventilation and fire suppression system, our team of experts will recommend the appropriate products to provide you with an excellent solution specific to your needs.


Our Qualifications

  • Inspecting commercial kitchens certified
  • Kitchen hood & exhaust cleaning certified
  • Kitchen fire suppression systems certified
  • Automatic fire suppression systems certified
  • Portable fire extinguisher certified
  • Fire alarm systems certified
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